How the King came to rule

The first Donut King store opened in Sydney in 1981 and ever since, Donut King has continued to grow,  making us the biggest and best donut empire the country has ever seen! Sharing our passion for all things donuts throughout Australia and around the globe is one of our main goals. We currently have Donut King stores in New Zealand and Indonesia, and the list is set to grow.

We’ve grown up with you

For the average Australian kid, the ultimate reward (and break for mum and dad…) during the weekly shopping excursion was a stop at your local Donut King. It stood out in the food court like a pink beacon you just couldn’t resist. The brightly coloured iced donuts, the delight of the cream and jam, the faces pressed to the glass experiencing the magic of the warm cinnamon donuts bouncing along the mini conveyor belt and landing in a delicious carousel of cinnamon and sugar. Fresh, hot and ready to be eaten!

We all have memories of family time spent with a Donut King signature cinnamon donut, and millions of Aussies have grown up sharing the experience – it’s a place for the young and the young at heart.

Our tastes have evolved too

Donut King has been evolving for over 40 years along with its customers and as your tastebuds have changed, so have ours. We’ll always love our signature hot cinnamon donuts and the classics, but we are also always looking for the next exciting donut development. Our iced range, is quickly becoming a DK fan favourite – a premium donut offering topped and filled with all of your favourites! Partnering your favourite donut treats is Donut King’s range of delicious Quakeshakes, Thickshakes and Milkshakes, and our divine barista-made DK Coffee Blend. For something more savoury, try our delicious range of hot dogs – with your choice of sauces, cheese, onion, bacon, or the option to have one with the lot! Specialty stores also offer a range of toasted sandwiches and pastries to bust that hunger.

Promise to our Customers

You can’t walk past a Donut King without our iconic cinnamon donut smell grabbing your attention. We endeavour to bring playfulness and energy into everything we do, because we’re passionate about two things: donuts and making it fun! At Donut King we decorate our donuts and make our hot dogs fresh daily, ensuring quality and delicious tasting food for our customers. Our franchise partners undergo intense training to make sure we provide  experienced and passionate donut technicians, and the highest quality products regardless of which Donut King you visit. Come and see why so many Australians love Donut King!


Donut King is looking for people who love donuts and make every moment fun!

We’re always on the lookout for the ‘right’ person to join our team. We want to know that you love donuts as much as we do and can provide the best possible customer service. You’ll need to be vibrant, energetic and obsessed with providing the best donuts, hot dogs and drinks to our donut-loving friends.

If this sounds like you, check with your local store for openings or browse available head office positions at the RFG careers page.


Connect with a Franchise Development Manager and become a Donut King franchise partner, today!